Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Dave and Krewer Show: Episode 1--Bookworms

Episode 1-Bookworms, featuring and interview with Sarah Weinman.

Music by Mevio's Music site: The song is "Canada" by Gordon Scott.

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  1. Love the show. You guys haven't changed! Dave, I'm actually quite impressed with the trumpet playing...although I don't need a video to remember how you hold it (to the side and kind of collapsed arms and flat fingers right?) I think you two should have a trumpet competition segment every show. Is that Ryan singing on your theme? My only complaint (you knew I'd have one) is I can't handle all the NJ food "tawk". If you are going to keep it up, please mail me a real bagel, completely unlike the rolls with holes the offer south of the border, which according to you is any location south of North Jersey. Funny show! I'll tune in again and spread the word to my NJ transplant friends.